The publishing world is changing
BWM Books can help you take advantage of the change.
What we do
BWM Books partners with published authors and their families to bring out of print books and unpublished works to life as eBooks and print on demand and market and promote them online.
Who we are
BWM Books is a team combining years of internet expertise with unique author and publishing insights.


Authors & Families
  • Turn your or your partner's out of print books into eBooks and print-on-demand
  • Find a market for unpublished works and make some money
  • Reach international markets which were not available to the work previously
  • Create a digital legacy of your work for your family
  • Take greater control of your publishing,marketing and sales experience

Self Publish
  • Have you written a book or family history you want published?
  • Do you want to take greater control of your publishing and marketing experience?
  • Do you want to earn a book royalty of 70% or more?