Turning your Book into a Digital Poster/Infographic

There are many ways to publicize a book. Creating a traditional print poster with the book cover on the front is a pretty traditional method. But why not take it to the next level and create a digital poster that has some design and story appeal, that one can distribute across the Web to attract a new audience.  I’ve been experimenting with one of Robert Macklin’s title’s Fire in the Blood: the epic tale of Frank Gardiner and Australia’s other Bushrangers. 

Below is Experiment One. We’ve blended some archival photos with some key story line text to create, what I think, is a compelling visual story.  Let me know what you think.

But Experiment Two is a whole different level….below it. 



Here is Experiment two. For this one we are targeting primary school age kids as well as adults. We’ve used over 50 images in this piece  many of which are archival images from the National Library of Australia combined with stock images to give it a modern feel. The associated high resolution poster will be available for sale. If there is interest for this one then we may create a series of key Australian Bushrangers. 



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  1. [...] Macklin presents Turn your book into a infographic posted at BWM Books, saying, “A picture tells a thousand words. A digital picture tells a [...]

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